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Node 13 / 12 pgk terminal-kit error cannot find module xterm.generic.js

Have you ever tried to build a terminal-kit app in Node using pkg to generate a nice easy applica...

Cloudflare Dynamic DNS

Do you have your own domain on Cloudlfare and want to update it like you would with a dynamic DNS...

X11VNC SystemD Service XUbuntu 18.04 (LightDM)

Have you always wanted to remote into your Linux both with VNC on the same XServer as the desktop...

Nextcloud 15 S3 Primary Storage using Minio and Docker

Important note before we begin: Encryption will need to be enabled if you're using Nextcloud and...

Manjaro i3 - GitKraken failing due to unset SSH_AUTH_SOCK

I came across on an annoying issue with the SSH_AUTH_SOCK variable not being set correctly on my...

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